Skillshare Reviews On-line Education Providers Is It The Best Company

I signed up to Skillshare Because of free trial.

The afternoon BEFORE my trial was designed to finish I got an email from them thanking me to Premium.

Obviously, I was perplexed. It is normal for organizations to offer free trials in hopes that you like the product enough to really pay for it. What isn't normal is for your enterprise to LIE for you and charge you daily before the free trial is supposed to even finish, in effect tricking you and then quitting your cash. I was furious.

I looked online and after 30 minutes of digging I found a telephone number for the company (Red flag, that which valid company does not have an easily accessible customer service number?) . I called that number and it went directly to voicemail. At this point I was freaking out because all these adventures were causing me to think this actually was a scam. The only option left to me is to write them an email through their website. This was more than 3 months before, and I've yet to have a response.

I am appalled at how they handle company (by tricking their clients, then dismissing their concerns). They stole my cash without warning and are currently unreachable.

I went back on their website and even their advertising for Premium is a lie. It clearly says that your Premium accounts is cancelable at any time. What they actually mean is you're able to cancel it so that it will not renew at the next billing cycle (which is an entire year!!) . They're Top 5 Best Online Education Sites Similar to Skillshare - Investory crooks. If their content were good, I would have happily continued using their services, but all their movies are items I could locate on YouTube or alternative places at no cost. The one thing that I an do now is save others the hassle.

DO NOT register for your free trial. If you do a little more research you'll discover a multitude of different reviews such as mine.

Go to or even YouTube. Please, don't make the same mistake that I did, and keep away!!

I wrote to Skillshare a final time, and it feels like in the previous 4 weeks they've upped their customer service match. I received a biased response apologizing for my prior experience and with an offer to repay me all of my cash. This gesture has been more than I anticipated, and I am thankful to know that people do work at this company, and it why not try these out seems they are listening to the negative reviews and also seeking to create a much better company.

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